John Carr's Jacquard Puppets




John Carr, OBE, performed as The Jacquard Puppets between 1933 and 1970.  The Jacquard Puppet Company was probably the only professional company to use such small marionettes (12 to 14 inches tall) - a feature very much in their favour in the early days of television, when they appeared in 21 live TV broadcasts in the 1930s.

All the figures were made by John Carr (an extremely fine wood carver) and costumed by his wife, Eva.  The Company of 100 marionettes were performed by John & Eva with their 4 children, Marjorie, Nancy, Barbara and John (Junior).

John Carr's Marionettes
"The Jacquard Trio"    
  John Carr's Marionettes
    "A Froggy Frolic"

From the Jacquard Puppets' Publicity Brochure ...

John Carr presents the Jacquard Puppets, a Company of Stringed Marionettes designed and made by himself, in an entertainment of Music, Dancing, Comedy and Mime.

The Trio of Pianist, Violinist and Cellist gives a Concert.  There are Melodramas with Noble Heroes, Virtuous Maidens and Dastardly Villains.  A Comedy Duet, scenes on a Southern Plantation and an English Farm.

John Carr's Jacquard Marionettes 

"Jacquard the Jester" tunes his song to your mood while "Mademoiselle Tiptova," "The Scotsman" and "Wee Deoch and Doris" trip the light fantastic.

In the Circus, the Acrobat achieves the impossible, the Clowns and Juggler wrangle amicably and the performing animals perform!  The Lion and the Unicorn fight for the crown with the traditional result.

Alexandra Palace Broadcast
The Jacquard Puppets Live from Alexandra Palace

The stage, which has a proscenium 8 feet square with an opening 5 feet by 2 feet, can be set up in any ordinary room or small hall.  The stage floor is adjustable to a height of two feet four inches.

Programmes arranged to suit all occasions and audiences.

Guildhall Crypt Poster 1965

John was an active member of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild until his death in June 1971, aged 87.  During the war years in particular, John was described as "the axle around which the Guild wheels revolved" for his tireless efforts in keeping the Guild alive and active during such a chaotic time.